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Locally Owned & Operated

As a small business in Oxford County, we strongly believe in the importance in shopping local. Therefore, we have made it our mission to partner with local businesses by providing high quality service without the bull, and competitive prices. 

About Us

Customer Service

The importance we place on customer service is clearly reflected in the relationships that we have developed with each and every one of our clients. At Mat-A-Door, we view the relationship that we develop with you, as a valued client of ours, as being more of a partnership, where we will be your "silent partner" – committed to providing you with a reliable, consistent and trustworthy service.

Flexibility with Contracts

We are not a contract-based service. This means that you have the flexibility to increase or decrease your mat usage as you like, without the burden of being "tied down" to a contract for a lengthy period of time. In other words, you will always have control over how many mats you use and how long you use them for without being penalized for "changing your mind". 

Cost Effective

Floor abrasion is a common and costly problem in areas of heavy traffic, where carpets often wear thin and wooden floors must be re-polished prematurely and regularly - 42% of floor covering can be removed by a mere 1,500 footsteps! The appropriate use of entrance or other matting will noticeably extend the life of floor coverings, while curbing unnecessary costs associated with premature wear and tear.
70% of the dust and dirt on your premises is bought inside on people’s shoes! 


Mat-A-Door rental mats will trap this dirt, dust and moisture at the door – before it has the chance to be tracked inside and circulated via the continual shuffling of feet. These preventative measures will dramatically reduce your cleaning costs and the labour time spent on sweeping, cleaning and maintaining surrounding areas.

Advanced Cleaning Methods

Only 30% of the dust, dirt and grit on your floors will be removed by vacuuming!
Mat-A-Door mats combat this problem through the use of exceptional industrial cleaning processes, ensuring that you are always provided with a professionally cleaned mat that maintains colour and vitality. A mat that is always clean will always be more effective at trapping dirt and will keep your premises noticeably cleaner! And remember, regardless of the industry you are in, your customers will often judge your business by the cleanliness of your floors.

Environmentally Friendly

At Mat-A-Door, all of our entrance and anti-fatigue mats are Earth Friendly!  Effective, long-wearing and good for the environment, they use of 100% P.E.T. Polyester face fiber derived from used plastic drink bottles and 15% to 20% rubber reclaimed from used tires. This reduces landfill waste by over 400 tons annually. Every square foot of a Eco product eliminates 4-half liter plastic bottles from the waste stream. One 3’x5’ mats reclaims approximately 60 bottles.

We also use an environmentally friendly cleaning process, which ensures the efficient use of natural resources and reduces the creation of waste. It is an important philosophy of our company to always contribute to the restoration and wellbeing of our most important resource.

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