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Specialty Floor Mats

We do more than just entrance mats.

Keep your employees comfortable with anti-fatigue matting designed to support ones feet, back and knees. Also, mitigate slipping on our slip-resistant mats, perfect for environments with grease, or water. 

Contact us today for more information. 

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Wellness Anti-Fatigue Mats

With elegant lines, a sleek ergonomic design and smooth surface, Wellness Anti-Fatigue mats are supportive, easy to clean, and the beveled edges will never curl. One-piece construction means no delamination, ever. 

  • Made from durable advanced Polyurethane technology, that will retain its resilience and buoyancy for years of anti -fatigue relief.

  • 3/4" Thickness

  • WellnessMat Original Anti-Fatigue Mats have a smooth surface that is sleek and easy to keep clean and will complement any cabinetry, furniture, or accessory in the home.

  • Incredibly supportive and resilient with a softness that feels like heaven on your feet, back and knees.

  • WellnessMat Original Anti-Fatigue Mats will not suffer edge curl or delaminate like other mats - They will always lie flat.

  • All WellnessMats are puncture and heat resistant


  • Beveled Edging to ease transition from floor to mat and to minimize tripping hazards.

  • Ideal Applications:  Home Kitchens, Laundry Rooms, Workshops, Retail Counters, Nurses Stations, Medical needs, Pharmacies, mail rooms, checkstand, hotel counters, etc.

  • WellnessMat Original mats are available in 4 sizes:      

    • 2' x 3',   2' x 6',   3' x 6',   4' x 5'


Slip Resisting Mats

Keep your employees safe from slipping with our slip-resisting mats.

Recommended for restaurants, barns, and machine shops. 

  • Made from heavy-duty rubber

  • 1/2" thick

  • Easy to clean, can be mopped or hosed off

  • Resistant to grease

  • Perfect for areas prone to spills, or water collection such as bars, kitchens, restaurants

  • Sizes include: 

    • 3' x 5', 3' x 10', and 3' x 20' 

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